Friday, September 24, 2010

Walking Fall (Rambling)

Due to the somewhat sad nature of my last post, I wanted to put out something a bit more positive.  I went on one of my "centering" walks yesterday and was blown away by the changes around me.  Somewhere between work, family & life I missed the arrival.   Fall has finally arrived!  Despite the hot temperatures Mother Earth hasn't forgetten my beloved time of year. 

I couldn't help but smile looking at the changing color of the leaves.....oranges, reds, browns.  Hearing the crunch of the fallen ones beneath my feet along the dirt road.  Indulging in the spicy scent of earth and wind.  Watcing the birds fly over the already yellow faded corn fields just as the sun was setting.  It was truly a breath taking exerience!

So if you haven't t done so already STOP and take the time to really look around you.  You might find it worth the trouble ;) 

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