Thursday, October 28, 2010

Passion (Poem)

Shimering darkness,

mysterious waters
    beneath moonlit sky
  fire sultry incnse,
           burning hot
               lustful passion flies

Gentle arms
tenderly caress
   desirability lost
      felt once again
         bodies connected
             ignite sweet lust
               honest attraction begins

Lips upon sweet lips,        

intoxicating words,

sexuality set free
  desired as a woman
              passion burns,
                 celebrating me

Glances (Poem)

Is there anyone out there

Can anyone here me

Words lost in the darkness of comotion

Runnin, spinnin, gettin through the day

Nobody sees anybody anymore

Hearts pour out to strangers passing by

Glances are all the time our souls have to spare

Jumpin, jogging, thought to fleeting thought

Thinking is a novelty of the past

Freud had too much time on his hands

Just blame it on the mother

Stabbing, hurting pain seeps through the soul

Everyone has it so just deal

Everyone knows it isn't real

Take pill, who needs to feel

Is there anyone out there
Can anyone hear me

Heaven (Poem)


Sky blue pink sunset
Fades ocean blue
Cascading moonlight enveloping
Breathless there’s you

Graceful sweetness unfolding
Fluttering deep inside
Winds of Heaven dance freely
Honesty upheld in virgin eyes

Soulful gaze penetrating
Caressing the heart
Two souls bonded by heaven’s kiss
Distance separates eternity never parts

Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Moments (Rambling)

So many times in life our minds get filled with constant chaos.   The chaos of life around, relationships, world peace.  Who knows, but we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  Along with the industrial revolution and teechnological evolution, seemed to come the over powering need for society to be constantly stimulated.  Always moving, changing, and evolving.  And while growing is usually a positive step, the value of being still seems to have gotten lost admist the chaos. 

Now don't confuse still with stagnant.  I am not negating the fact that growth is necessary for the individual and society as a whole.  However how can we as individuals, or society as a whole, progress positively forward if we never take the time to SLOW DOWN and re-energize ourselves.  Recognize the value in sitting quietly under the tree admiring all the wonderful & beautiful things around us.  Taking time to listen to the hum of life beyond the human race?  I believe if more of us, myself included, took the time to do these things we may start to see something amazing happen.  The chaos and the noise in our heads....the whirling thoughts and worries that go so  LOUD and overwhelming....they just may still for a moment.  And for that moment we may all find a little more peace in our lives.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Circles (Poem)

No matter which direction I go
here I am again
Round & round in cirlces
only to end where I began.

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
wandering at sea
looking for her anchor
only then will I be free