Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Health & Stress (Rambling)

I think we can all agree that stress and physical health are related.  In today's society, where 80% of the population is on mood stabilizers, you would be hard pressed to prove otherwise.  Well this scratch that.....this Year has been the worst in both spheres of my life.  Contrary to what some may think, I have really been working hard on changing my frame of mind to "being more positive." 

But somehow things in my life just keep getting tougher & tougher.  First it started with mostly my own medical issues, surgeries, illness, etc and then turned to mental stress.  The stress of not making enough $ to even survive, not finding a job that meets my education level w/looming school loan payments in the future, not finding a part time job to make ends meet, having a mother in very poor health, a grandfather w/progressing alzheimer's, shall I continue? all just seemed to build to me being in the hospital w/chest pains.

I tell you that scared me half to death.  Only 35 and in the hospital for my heart!?!?! WTF!  So I started walking 2 miles several times a week and trying to focus on the "Positivity" everyone keeps talking about.  Well in the last week I've had someone very close to me threaten/attempt suicide (please do not ask who), my step father has been in the ER twice & has to have a biopsy for prostate cancer AND I am now sick with ANOTHER friggin sinus infection! 

While now I have NO DOUBT in my mind about the connection between stress & health......I would like to know how DAMN POSITIVE do I need to be before the sun comes back out??? REALLY??  

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